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1. Is there a showroom, where we could look at your work ?
Of course, there is many piexes of furniture and decorative object, decorative hardware, many patina samples and finishing products.
2. Do you have in stock the all the decorative hardware and the finishing product you propose on line.
We make sure we have it in stock. We travel all around the world to make sure we offer a large variety of products avalable at all time.
3. What are your business hours ?
We are avalable by appointement.
4. How can we place an order for custom furniture ?
You should go check this page first: pageweb, this will help you out to get prepare for this appointement. You can also write down the number of the item you wuould like and obtain more information abount it.
5. For wich reason some item doesn't have a price?
All product priced are in stock. When they don't, it is a matther of weeks to build them. If you need to obtain a price, don't hesitate to reach us!
6. How to delete a item from my basket ?
Delete the item by adding a mark in the ''remove'' section and hit ''update cart''. The item will be then remove from your basket.
7. How to modify the quantity of a item ?
Insert the correct amount desire in the field for the quantity and hit ''Update Cart''. The factor and quantity will be then update.
8. What next after ordering on line ?
Once you have complete your purchase, you will received a confirmation of your order via your email. This message will contain all the information regarding your order.
9. What are the freight charges ?
The freight cost will be adjust depending wath is in your basket. Some extra charges may be added for outside Québec province and international shipment.
10. Wich shipping technics are you using ?
For all shipment, our delivery service is priority and fast. You must also sign a waybill from DICOM to obtain your shipment.
11. If we are absent during the shipment
A note left on your door, will be saying the next attempt you will receive your shipment. You may also contact the number from DICOM to obtain your package.
12. Where wich country are you shipping ?
We are sending package around the world.
13. What are the fees for international delivery ?
During the billing state of your order, you will notice there isn't any taxe charge on your bill. Your country's taxe will be add to it. There is freight charges depending from what is in your basket and this is for a 7 days delivery or less.
14. What are the paiements method ?
We accept both credit card; Visa and Mastercard. We also accept electronic paiement as Paypal. In store, we also accept Interac and American Express.
15. What is Paypal ?
For more information abount electronic paiement, have a look to this adress: lien.
16. What are the delay for delivery ?
Our shipment method offer you fast and reliable delivery within 1 to 3 days. Occasional delay may occurs depending on the season.
17. What are your return policy ?
Goods not returnable without our prior consent. returned goods must be prepaids, 20% of handling charge applicable on all returns. You have 3 days to obtain a refund. After three day you will obtain a credit.